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Jen Dillon

Founder - Yafay Beauty & Wellness Collective

For over twenty years, my passion for aromatic plants, herbs, and essential oils led me to many discoveries of their wonderful health and beauty benefits. I began formulating natural beauty products in 2006.

The custom created beauty and apothecary blends on our site have natural medicinal value that many clients have praised their amazing benefits. Herb and plant oils contain naturally active ingredients full of nutrients and antioxidants to nourish, protect and heal the skin while having a positive effect on our emotions. All Yafay formulations are produced with a clear purpose to enrich and add radiance to the skin, to boost energy, to strengthen the immune system, to help lift the spirits, and to relax or get a good night’s sleep.

I have committed to the research of locating the purest plant derived ingredients, wholesomely tended and harvested by farmers and distillers, who share my love of nature. Whether it is Fennel Seed from Egypt, Lavender from France or  Myrrh from East Africa, all elements are organic or wild harvested from ethical growers.

Yafay also offers other wellness products, and services on this site. I am proud to offer this selection of “clean”, well vetted products & services that I stand behind.

Yafay is the Hebrew word for beautiful. Your health, beauty, and wellbeing is our focus.